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Banco De Costa Rica BCR Interest RatesBanco De Costa Rica is a major state owned bank in Costa Rica which was founded back in 1877, with its name changed to its current form in 1890. The bank provides its website in both English and Spanish and caters to both individuals and companies. Its retail ba... read more

Banco De Costa Rica Discussion Activity

  • BCR 1 Year CD - Deposits
    Q: If I deposit the funds in US dollars, would I get that interest paid in US dollars on a monthly basis deposited in the US?

    Reply Nelson from United States
  • BCR 2 Year CD - Deposits
    Q: Are there fees for opening up a CD? Gracias

    Reply Mark J from Reno, United States
  • BCR 6 Month CD - Deposits
    Q: I live in the United States, can I open an account with your bank and receive the same CDMA rate? and what are the requirements? Thank you

    Reply Michael Calamita from United States
  • Deposits
    Q: I am a US citizen; may I open a bank account in Costa Rica and invest in CDs or other products?

    Reply James Calkins from Moab, United States
  • Deposits
    Q: Is this rate on certificates of deposit good for dollar account or is it in colones ? Can I open this account on line ?

    Reply Walter from San José, Costa Rica